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Heat Week

Heat Week

How heat has shaped Los Angeles—and how Angelenos survive it.

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An illustrated guide to SoCal breeze blocks

Get to know one of the grooviest features of midcentury modern architecture.

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Catch a sea breeze on Long Beach’s water taxi

The ferry is one of LA’s hidden gems. Can it be more than a tourist attraction?

Why does the Valley get so hot?

And how can LA cool it down?

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Homeless in the heat

"I consider myself a strong woman. I can survive this, but I don’t want to anymore. It’s hard being homeless."

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The lost bath houses of Los Angeles

Elaborate indoor swimming pools once dotted the coast.

6,000 bus stops in Los Angeles lack shelter

Thousands of Angelenos wait for the bus every day—with no shade.

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Love in a Hollywood heat wave

Finding the one during a neighborhood brownout.

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How Angelenos dressed to beat the heat

From the zoot suit to Z-boys, sunshine has influenced Los Angeles style as much as haute couture.

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Betty Hill’s ‘bath house’ battle

Betty Hill put up a remarkable fight to open public pools to children of all races.

How hot, exactly, is LA going to get?

Don’t be fooled by this year’s mild weather—blistering heat waves will likely become a lot more frequent.